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Thread: d-bol ques

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    d-bol ques

    i want 2 start takin d-bol nd i play football at a small d-2 school. i am a little hesitant tho b/c i hurd d-bol is actually bad for ur endurance and speed how tru is this?

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    well it increases bp so yea it would be


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    Hope you're not considering dbol alone... it's useless. You get better LASTING gains just from a proper high protein diet. Dbol isn't too great for endurance bro, plus the dbol pump which many love give me WICKED shin splints when I run (dbol pump + calves + running = debilitating pain in some people)

    You need to read up this board on how to build a proper cycle if thats what you're aiming for bro. You may want to do a bit of "homework" bro.


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