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    Traveling need help

    I need to travel next week and wondering how can I bring my gear with me? I was thinking of putting my gear in a perfume sample bottle enough just for what I need and bring my pins in my suitcase. Now will they question me about having 3 pins on me?

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    Are you flying? If so, be sure not to put the pins in your carry-on, but in a check-on bag. Otherwise, I think it's OK to take pins, that's what diabetics do. Putting the geat in other bottles is probably what a lot of people do, just make sure you do it clean and sterile if you swap out bottles.

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    I travel extensively. first of all i think Sasquatch meant to say DO NOT take the pins with you in your carry-on luggage. You need to check a bag that will have your pins included in them. If you try and take them with you on the plane, all hell could break loose.

    You could switch bottles if you want. However, they are not searching for drugs and with the basic search that they are doing, how do they know you do not have a prescription. Just keep everything in your checked baggage and you should be golden.

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    #1 keep it sterile. on second thought... get your pins from a local pharmacy where ever your going sounds smart to me.

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    IMO it is not a smart idea. Mailing it would be safer, but still has it's risks. Putting it in a perfume bottle is risky also, you are not 100% sure everything is sterile, and I don't think injecting even a little perfume would be safe..

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