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    most androgenic steroid

    Hi all,

    Still new and learning - Quick Question: What do you guys think is the most adrogenic steroid in terms of secondary sexual characteristics? I have very little body or facial hair, and would welcome the side effect of being able to grow a beard, while maximizing gains. Any suggestions?

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    the most powerful steroid is supposedly anadrol (anabolics 2002) however i would damn sure not recommend for anyone new, i would not recommend it by itself, and i sure as hell would not recommend it to grow facial hair d00d

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    Hmmm, I don't know about 'most', but halo would have to be up there.

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    halotestin is very very androgenic . So is ad50

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    How bout just plain Ol TEST?? I know I sprouted a few unwanted hairs since I began my "therapy".

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    if you have no hair follicles there i don't think it will matter. tnt may be able to expand on this though.

    halo should be the tops on the list on a per mg basis, but it will kill your liver too...

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