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    22 yr old Looking for some advice and help

    Hi I'm 22 6' 180lbs, I used to be a hardcore lifter, in the gym twice a day benching 265 when I was 165, but I haven't hardcore lifted in a couple of years been busy with school and work and haven't had the chance to do a lot, but now I'm ready and want to hit the gym really hard. So I still have a pretty good frame and base to build off. I was just wondering if anyone has and suggestions for jucing? I'm only thinking about doing one cycle just to get a lot of strength and muscle mass back and I was wondering what were some of the best stacks to do that? I've been reasearching some and everything and just want to know a lot and know the facts before I start to do it. So far I was thinking about Deca and Sustanon 250. If anyone could give me any advice or suggestions I would really like to hear. Thanks a lot.

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    welcome to AR bro

    i would get back into it first get your frame back and then think about taking steroid 's

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    good to see you are getting back into the gym.

    don't forget to research about diets, there is a good bulking diet out there that will help you out allot.

    as for juice most guys will probably tell you to run test only for your first cycle (cyp or enth).. IMO i agree with this method because you get and idea of how you will react to juice ( mentally and physically)..

    you don't want to spend 500 dollars, then find out you have bad sides, or can't take giving yourself injections. i know it sounds like a long shot but juice isn't for everyone.

    well, good luck to you and i hope all questions are answered.

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    work out naturally for a few months get your 265 back then if you still have time start thinking about juicing

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    i your dead set on juicing i would go 500mg of test e for 12 weeks you could even kick start it with d-bol 35mg ed for 4 weeks stay away from the sust for your first cycle

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