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    yet another SD question!

    i have read sd posts 'till my eyes started bleeding. still have a few questions about my planned 'cycle'. first, since most gains are done in the 1st 3 weeks, why not take sd for just 21 days? and second, since gains taper off after week 2, would it be reasonable to do the following:
    week1 - 20mg
    week2 - 30mg
    week3 - 40mg

    and lastly, how close to a workout should one of the daily doses be taken (hour before? right after?)

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    just started my 3 week sd cycle today...going to to 20,30,30
    why do 4 weeks if gains come in first 2-3

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    because like any drug, the gains shouldnt be stopping if you are adjusting your diet and training properly. same as any testosterone or whatever cycle.

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    ill see how it goes

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