I have been taking 20mg ed m1t for 3 weeks. I work out hard 6 days a week and all I eat is oatmeal, brown rice, wheat bread, skinless chicken breast, peanut butter, eggs, tuna. However, I have only gained 5 lean pounds. it seems that my bf is the same if not lower. my strength has gone up a little. on the bench from 225x8 to 225x10, squat 315X5 to 315X10. i feel my results are not up to par. or i might be trippin? the good news is that I am not bloating up or gaining fat. so wat you guys think i should do? increase dosage or extend cycle to 6 weeks. the m1t i am using is legit because i do get the back pumps and the lethargy so i am not really worrying about this gear being fake. so guys let me know wat i should do. thanks.