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    Question Bulking cycle. Needs fine tuning

    Hey bro's. This is my new bulking cycle want your opinions on it. I'm not due to start it till september 2002 but if you want things to go well you need to plan for the future
    My stats are 210 lbs, 5'10", and BF% of 12. Both my weight and BF% are lowering cos i'm currently cutting for my hols.
    Anyway the cycle.
    weeks 1-7 :500mg/w Test cyp.
    200mg/w Ganabol
    weeks 7-10 :250mg/w Test cyp
    100mg/w Ganabol
    weeks 5-8 :50mg/d Anadrol
    weeks 9-12 :50mg/d Winstrol -depot

    I have plenty of clomid, HCG , and Nolvadex for any problems. I would like all your opinions and suggestions on this.
    Hopin that this will turn me into a beast.

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    i not like the taper thing IMO

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    if im not mistaken, ganabol is Equipoise .., run it like this

    weeks 1-4
    anadrol 50mg/day

    weeks 1-8
    test cyp 500mgs/week
    EQ/ganabol 400mgs/week

    weeks 7-12
    winny 50mgs every day

    start clomid 3 days after last winny intake...

    .. peace, bg

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    Couldn't of said it better myself Big Guy!

    There's no need to taper the test...and better to put the orals(a-bombs)at the beggining of the cycle to get things rollin!

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    Lightbulb Change of thought

    I've thought about this and decided to make these changes.
    Weeks 1-3: 750mg Test cyp
    Weeks 3- 12: 250mg Test cyp
    Weeks 1-4: 50mg/d Anadrol
    Weeks 1-8: 400mg Ganabol (Equipoise )
    Weeks 8-12: 50mg/d Winstrol -depot

    And big_guy your right Equipoise is a common name for ganabol They're just trade names as equipoise, an American brand is used for horse and ganabol, Columbian is used for cattle. The correct name of the steroid is boldenone undecylenate.

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    instead of frontloading the test at 750 and dropping it to 250, just leave it at 500 for 8-10 weeks

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    I agree with nymattyk on staying with the consistent dosage of 500mgs pw. There is no need to frontload at 750 only to drop to 250..? Shorten the Test Cyp to 10 weeks at a consistant dosage. You will get a seriuos kick from the anadrol up front!!!

    I would advise extending the Equipoise to 10 weeks if you have the gear?? Equipoise definitely works best on relatively long cycles...

    Lastly if you shorten the test to 10 weeks, keep the winny extending out to 12 weeks. Within days of the winny you will be able to begin Clomid therapy. Using a very short acting AS right up to clomid will allow you less time in limbo, before you begin your HPTA recovery.. Running winny past the long acting AS will also help to solidify your gains...

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    First off, can you get anything besides Ganabol? If I am not mistaken, that's 50mg/mL, so you will be injecting a SHITLOAD (8mL) of juice just to get your 400mg/wk of EQ! I know somebody has to be making Boldenone (EQ) at 200mg/mL; I think TTokkyo does.

    Anadrol 50mg/day weeks 1-4
    Test. Cyp 500mg weeks 1-10
    EQ 400 mg weeks 1-10
    Winny 50mg/day weeks 9-13

    Start Clomid 3 days after you finish the Winny, like 1banshee said.

    The Test. and EQ will naturally taper after the last injection, so you will have some in yur system weeks 11-13. Run the winny as your body tapers off the Test. & EQ.

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