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    Sorry Newbies, Experienced Fellas only!

    Quick question...

    Is there a difference in Shooting first then training?


    Training first then shooting?

    whats the difference?

    What do you guys normally do?

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    as far as i know it doesnt really matter if its before or after. i personally inject in the morn when i wake up after my shower

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    really depends on what you are shooting and how long the active halflife is.. obviously deca is not going to matter. Neight would Test E etc... Suspension or Tren may be different.

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    Only thing that i can imagine having any effect would be the quick acting agents, but after u have begun to see results. I feel dbols after the first 2 weeks almost immediatly from then on. Other than that i think that others may help but they wont be as noticeable. But in theory then do it before.

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    You're shooting to maintain a constant blood level...If you're looking for some sort of pre workout boost, then Id say either Suspension or Orals would be what you're looking for...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IBdmfkr
    really depends on what you are shooting and how long the active halflife is...
    Spot on!

    When injecting compounds with a long ester it's not too important when you inject, just so long as you are close

    i.e Test Enth every 3.5 days
    Doesn't really matter if you're a few hours out

    Now, when shooting a shorter estered compound that needs everyday injections it is very beneficial to get into a routine

    i.e Shooting Tren everyday at 12:00

    This substance would require everyday injections
    So it's best to inject it every 24 hours
    Try to do all your injections at the same time of the day each day

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    With my experiences only being short esters like Test Prop im definatelly going to tell you that injecting upon waking up has made a difference....or at least through my mind it has. Like, i said i personally recommend it because i think ive felt stronger and more determined in the gym when i shoot in the morning but then again this all could be one sick mind game i play on myself.....

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    Everyone is different- I noticed no difference with prop, tren acetate, or anavar if I shoot right before the gym or much later.

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    I always shoot before. Definatetly not after IMO. I tend to bleed more if I shoot after.

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    Orals are good and maybe suspension, but most others will not matter to be honest.

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