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    white bump on back,,during pct???

    hey quick question for ya,,im just being a parnoid bit*h, but i take my body verrry serious. i just finished my cycle 2 weeks ago and for some reason i got a funny looking bumped raised on my middle-right is a shade lighter than my skin and looks like a huge also doesnt hurt and i cant even feel it when my GF touches is def. just in the skin and not on bone..its about the size of your pinky finger nail, and raised just a bit..but is no way a pimple.its just chillin there and im not sure what it is....if anyone gets these or has one.. could you let me know what it is? thanks

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    better pop that thing..i had one on my back in 6th grade and had to get it cut out..i forgot what they are infected pimples.

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