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    Cycle help deca & cyp....

    This is my cycle.

    Wk 1-10 500mg cyp
    Wk 1-9 400mg deca
    nova 20mg ed

    pct clomid start after day 14 of last cyp at and continue nova ed 20 mg:
    wk 1 100mg clomid ed
    wk 2-3 50 clomid ed

    Problem! Week 6 my vial of cyp was broken by post office, oily mess, they put the envelope in a transparant sorry bag.

    Question should I continued deca or should I stop all togather and go to pct?


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    i think try 2 get sust or test e instead of the broken 1 , i dont recommend deca only

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    exactly the reason to make sure you have all your supplies for the *entire* cycle (including pct and any anti-e's) before you start. you never know when things like this will happen.

    if you can't get any test in could always stop your cycle short and head straight into pct. deca on it's own can spell trouble. (if getting it up isn't a concern for you (i.e. celibacy) then you could continue on).

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    Question about pct?

    I may get my cyp week 7? Not sure? If I don't and I continue with deca , when do I start with clomid? Do I count 14 days from the last day I took the cyp? Not sure, please explain, thanks...

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