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Thread: Tren E VS. EQ

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    Tren E VS. EQ

    I know that Tren is for packing on some muscle. However I hear that EQ makes you very hungry which allowes you to eat more. Which is better for bulking then?

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    tren is very strong, and is an advanced AAS. You are so strong you could easily blow a tendon/joint cause the muscle advances so fast. Most every AAS is calorie dependant. If you eat a ton, you gain. If you diet, you cut. Tren can do both, and can put on lean gains with little/no sides if properly dosed. Start at 50mg/ED and go up from there. Usually nothing above 100ED is needed except for you seriously huge bros. EQ is more tame, and could be a better choice for a first cycle, stacked with test of course (always base with test!!). 500 test 400 EQ a week is common. what is your history?

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