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    Cool Winny/Primobolan

    I wanna start a "easy" cycle as it is my first one and i was just wondering which i'm gonna start first....w/o Test
    Thing is Winny tabs is quite ineffective and i don't wanna take 25 tabs/day
    Primo seems to be a good one to get, and i stress on that, good quality muscles. you see i don't wanna get big and pumped up, and then when i stop see myself shrinking in the mirror cuz of f***ing water retention you get from Test, except Prop.
    AS both Primo and Winny goes in tabs and injections, what's your mind about that?

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    I agree with gsxxr that you need to do a lot more research before doing anything. It sounds to me like youve been reading those outdated steroid profiles on Those are not very accurate. Here's a link to Hooker's steroid profile forums, where the descriptions of the steroids is very accurate

    Most newbie should look into some form of test for their first cycle too. gsxxr also forgot to mention that taking enough primo to get results can quickly drain your bank account b/c it can be quite expensive and it is the most commonly faked steroid on the market.

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    I agree....a little more research is in order here. IMO a cycle without test is not a cycle. It should be included with every stack because of awesome synergistic properties. Bloating/water retention is not a concern with the proper anti-e s supplemented. A loss of libido is a concern with any cycle when testosterone IS NOT included. A simple test e/EQ would be a great cycle for a first go.

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    How about doing winny for 40days after a cycle of test? That might be a way for him to go both lean and big

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    Quote Originally Posted by scav
    How about doing winny for 40days after a cycle of test? That might be a way for him to go both lean and big
    no def not after ..... maybe towards the END of a TEST cycle ... but def not after

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