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Thread: thanks guys

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    john smith is offline New Member
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    Mar 2003

    thanks guys

    well i been reserching the site and found lots of info so i finally did a proper cycle i have cylcled before but didn't do it right

    my last cycle was
    test iranian 1cc every 3 days for 12 weeks
    deca norma greece 300 mg a week week 1thru 11
    dbol danabol blue hearts 30mgs ed first four weeks

    weight before cycle 182
    finished at 208

    took nolva thru cycle 20 mg ed
    clomid last shot after test

    its been 4 months current weight 200
    just want to say thanks everybody for helping out.

    side effects very minor acne
    thanks everyone

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    lucabratzi's Avatar
    lucabratzi is offline Anabolic Member
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    Feb 2005
    good job, have any b4 and after pics.

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    impressive results. clomid is the best thing since sliced bread.... well unless you run hcg then clomid then its just the shit. glad to hear you had a great cycle bro

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