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    Quad pain and test !

    Hi guys,

    i have injected both quads (EQ in left and Test in right) and found that 3 days later i got terrible pains in right one...had terrible sleep patterns and kept feeling hot and cold and sweating....also notice that tender painful spots were closer down to knee and nowhere near injection site !!!!!.woke this morning with pain virtually gone and feeling fine.....
    anyone had similar experience ?

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    That only seemed to happen to me if I moved the pin around excessively, or shot with a dull tip.

    Always use a swab on the top of the vial before drawing.

    Always change the tip after drawing.

    If injecting into multiple sites with the same pin, change the tip after it is has been in the muscle.

    Less likely to get an infection or experience the discomfort you speak of.

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    it could be from the ba in the test.

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    yea happened to me when using deca with high BA. but it hit me within a couple of hours and lasted three days.

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