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    post-cycle workout

    Does everyone pretty much agree that post-cycle, the best workout to do is a simple, very basic one? Will this help to retain more gains? Also, how long do you continue with this basic workout? A month after your cycle? Thanks a lot guys.

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    Do a similar routine as you were doing on cycle except maybe cut back on the volume a little and you will most likely have to cut the weight down a bit. Always stick to heavy compounds though afterwards to make sure you dont lose that newly added mass.

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    Hitting deadlifts and squats as well as throwing in some cleans post cycle seems to work best for me if I try to maintain my cycle caloric intake.

    You should follow EJuicer's advice...he nailed what you should do.

    I want to add that you might want to adjust your macronutrient ratios to find a suitable way of retaining mass, ie. adding in some more fats through peanut butter before bedtime with your shake, or trying to get one extra meal in.

    If you keep the body guessing, it will try to adapt, but never be successful if you are switching diet/training frequently.

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    I'd keep the weight the same but reduce the volume. If you were doing 10 sets per bodypart, then lower it to 7 or 8 (this is just an example). JMO

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    during the gear i do 4 sets 10 reps while off the gear i do 3 sets 6 reps only

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    i alwas do the same 3 sets 6 to 8 and 1 set real heavy 3 to 4

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