I started 30mg of tbol/day less than a week ago. My workouts have been great and I'm steadily getting stronger with great pumps. One thing I noticed is that I seem to use up all of my glycogen pretty fast. For example, I repped 222lb on the bench for 20X and I felt like I could go 50X. I went to 275lbs on my next set and I struggled to get 6. I was thinking I would get 10 then go up from there. I was lifting heavy that day, I usually work out with 225lb and maybe go up to 275lb max.

I'm thinking I need to eat more carbs post workout to load glycogen into my muscles? I also noticed that I started to cramp in my legs quite a bit within the first 5 mins of riding the elyptical trainer. I drank the rest of my water then the cramping went away and I only did 30 mins tonight. I think I need to adjust my diet? I've been getting all of my carbs from fruits, vegs and brown rice. Do I need to eat more grains? Thanks for advice in advance.