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Thread: okey dokie!!!!

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    okey dokie!!!!

    sooooo....... im on a cycle and i was originally planning on stopping for school, but i decided screw it, i have enough for another 4 weeks i think, so ill just run it, its a test-e cycle. 500mg per week. all together it will be a 14 weeker.

    currently i take it 2x a week, but i think im only going to want to screw around, with once a week injections. that should be alright, right? i mean i know that its better to spread it out, i should just get more sides right.
    i was thinking i usually inject every mon. and thurs. just wait a day and inject on tues. what do you guys think. thats deff a concern right now, my other is that im going on vacation. im driving to florida with the folks but thats going to be a pain in the ass. but im sure i can get through with it ok, ill just bring an extra vial, just in case. im on prop at the moment. cause i was going to end with the prop, but im just going to keep on going with the test e.

    i know my cycle is kinda screwy. but yeah, what do you guys think about the once a week injections?

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    i think no prop with it as long as the 500 mg will b n ur system weekly any times i did that & i got the same results

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    you can go the 1 shoot a week with the test-e you should be fine with that. when you go on vacation just bring you gear with you. it's not like your flying

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    Sounds like you're fukcin with your levels quite a bit now towards the end of your cycle. You gotta watch out with that cause the mood swings (like anger and deppression) can get crazy. As long as you know it's the shit giving them to you you'll be fine, it's when you think it's YOU it can get dangerous. See what I'm sayin? Just went though this that's why I'm mentioning it. God forbid you're on vacation and things get unstable........anyway, I would finish the prop and start pct. Save the last of the test for your next cycle.

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