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    Just Starting Need Help!?

    I'm 6'1" 215lbs. I just got back into the gym 2 months ago. Now I'm getting ready to start a steroid cycle. I have winstrol and clenbuterol , both in pill form. The Winstol is 10mg each and the Clen is 20mg. I'm about 15% bf now and want to cut as much as possible in the next 2 months. I need info on how to take the two together. How Much?, how often? I would appreciate any information given.

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    I would throw some test prop in there. It does not retain water as much as the other esters and you do not want to be doing a cycle without test.

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    ditto... without test there is no cycle...

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    Agree with the's a must. as for the clen , i think you would be better off cutting fat w/ diet not clen.

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    Don't take Winstrol by it's self. You'll only be throwing away you're money. If anything, take the Clen alone. I took 80mcg for two weeks every day. Then I switched to 120mcg every other day for four more weeks and got some great fat free gains. I would trade the Winstrol for some Test Cyp. You should be able to get a good deal on that. Then take the Clen post cycle along with Tribestan. Nolvadex sucks. Tribestan(or a reputable Trib supplement) will help out with post AAS sex drive. Winstrol is like Deca or Primo; You have to stack an androgen to get good gains! You can take an androgen alone(test,D-bol, Anadrol etc.) and get decent gains, but I would rather take creatine and glutamine compared to the gains from small amounts of the mojor anabolics.

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