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Thread: Tren and acne

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    Question Tren and acne

    Is Tren that bad for setting of acne? I was fine on deca d,bol but pct i was quite bad will doing 75mg ed of tren make me break out real bad?

    nice one lads!!!!!!1

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    tren gave me some pretty nasty cystic acne which im still trying to get rid of today.

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    I get bad acne from tren . .. I got rid of it last time by showering and washing with dish soap, dioxycycline, and frying in a tan bed. What good is it to have big muscles when you are to embarrasses by you zits to take you shirt off anywhere???!!!

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    Tren made me break out as well. It was nothing compared to my teenage years. Just make sure to scrub you skin well after workout sessions. If you not prone to acne, it shouldn't be too bad but if you're prone, watch out!

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    Has anyone out there not gotten acne from Tren ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ludakris9
    Has anyone out there not gotten acne from Tren?
    I'm sure someone has, but that's not to say that you won't. The only way you'll find out if tren gives you acne is to run tren.

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