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Thread: Igf Lr3

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    Igf Lr3

    In early sept. I will be running a drol/sust/fina cycle and I would like to throw some IGF LR3 in the PCT to help keep my gains/appetite up. I have never used IGF LR# before, though I have heard that there are many underdosed and garbage brands on the market. I would also like to use it for its supposed healing properties. Regardless, I would like to know if anyone can recommend any brands and if there are any reserach websites that sell these brands. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A SOURCE. I DO NOT WANT A SOURCE. I am, however, curious if there are any suggestions as to a specific brand, and a site where I can legally obtain that specific IGF LR3. Please PM me if that makes anything easier or less intrusive.

    Thank you

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    You can't ask that here.

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