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    Adding 400mg Cyp to Deca Only Cycle in mid cycle

    Well, so I have to say that I've been very impressed with the gains I've made on 400mg Deca weekly-- 15lbs in 6 wks with a sharp reduction in bodyfat
    However-- while my sexdrive was killer for the first 6 weeks-- Its started to decline quite a bit (could this be deca dick?) Its not that it wont get up.. I just dont have the urge anymore
    Problem is.. I have a smoking hot new girlfriend and I've been screwing her brains out every night for the last 5 weeks... and now I just dont have the urge to
    SO I went to my Dr., explained the problem I was having and have started adding 1ml Test cyp (200mg) 2x a week... Started 1 week ago (going to run both for the remaining 6 weeks) , how long do you think it may take before I have my Libido back?
    I already have noticed an increase in strength 400mg deca + 400 mg cyp makes me feel great. Any input would be appreciated

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    you should always run some sort of test as a base and you should run it higher then the other substance ie. 250mg test 2x (500) weekly, and deca 150-200 2x weekly (300-400) and run the test 2 weeks longer.....and it takes test roughly 4 weeks to kick in...hopefully you have good pct planned maybe some hcg could help you out right now

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    It could be 4 or 5 weeks to get blood levels up enough to help..... He should have went with Prop blood levels would have started building in a few days.

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