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    Quick Sus question

    Ok guys...don't get pissed off at this.If I were to take 250mg once a week for 6-8 weeks would I see any gains? And do you guys inject in the same place each time? Thanks

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    Sust works well with a EOD injection schcedule.

    I rotate injection sites. glute, pec, delt, quad etc.

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    u need to run it at 500mg/wk, every other day, rotate injection spots(dont hit more than once a week) and id extend ur cycle to 10-12 weeks to see good results, u will also need pct and a good diet

    and i wouldnt listen to any of this unless u are actually ready for steroids , shouldnt be using them for a quick fix to get buff just b/c someone offered u some

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    Not much. THat is pretty light, and you should shoot sust EOD or ED. This can be a pain in the ass because your amps have 250mg and you got to do something with it once you open it. For that reason, a straight test in a multi-use vial is much more convenient. You can take exactly the dose you want, and shoot E3D or 2x/week or even E4D with good results.

    You must always rotate injection sites. Figure each butt cheek is good for three pokes... that's 6. Then the gluteus medius is good for one or two more, each side. Each quad is good for 4 sites. Then there are delts and pecs and biceps... rotate around and you are less likely to have problems. This is particularly important with anything you will shoot ED or EOD.

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