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Thread: how much tren?

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    how much tren?

    I Have Male Pattern Baldness To A Degree. So When I Do Tren I Try To Be Smart.i Have Been Off Aas For 6 Months. Getting My Wife Now I Am Ready To Start. I Was Thinking Of Doing 275mg Of Andropen Per Week With Tren Ed For Fat Lose. What Is The Smallest Effective Fat Burning Dosage People Have Done?? I Used To Compete On The Worlclass Level In Powerlifting ( 635 Lbs.. Bench @198 + 600 Lbs. @181) I Am 210 Pounds @ 15% Bf Now. I Was Thinking 30mg Ed? Thanks In Advance For The Help. Bubbaboy.

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    Generally it is thought that the minimum dose for good effect from tren is that dose that gives you SOME sides, but not unbearable sides. Typically this will be somewhere between 50 and 75mg ED but it can vary considerably. You should expect to have to adjust your dose according to how your body responds to it.

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    and have you ever run Andropen ?? that shit is ment to hurt bad

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    I have used tren at 30mg ED and have gained about 17 pounds of bodyweight in 7 weeks. I would follow the Baron's advice because he is very knowledgable about tren. Good luck, bro!

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    If using only for fat lose I believe Got Fina used 50mgs ever other day and had great results. Of course he was on a very strict deit though. I personly used parabolan at 200mgs/week for 6 weeks and gained 12 pounds very littlefat lose though. Already low bf and not a strict deit when running it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stocky121
    and have you ever run Andropen ?? that shit is ment to hurt bad

    Andropen is not worth the pain. trust me i have run this and still have some.

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