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    soreness, lump from tren and prop...

    I just started a Tren /Prop cycle a lil over a week ago. Im doin a cc of Tren at 75mg and a cc of Prop at 100mg everday. Since im doin everyday shots im havin to use several different injection sites.. so abt 4 days ago i did a chest shot and it hurt like a mother afterwards and i had a lump there. Ppl have said that its just the oil and all sitting there, but now its 4 days later and the soreness is gone, but the lump has only halfway receeded. Is this normal? I also did a calf shot today and it is rlly sore and swollen... could it be from the prop also cuz ive never used prop and ive never had effects like this.. thanks guys...

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    bump wqould like this answered as i am having the same problem with 250mg 2x wk. its only my second day since my last shot and i cant sit down! i also have a lump. would massaging at this point make a difference?

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    Stop worrying fellas. The high BA (Benzyl Alcohol) content in the prop and fina, is what's kicking your asses. The lumps are normal. I usually have them for four-five days. They will go down.
    Btw, stay away from calf shots, esp. w/ tren and prop. Stick with the glutes, quads, tris, and delts.
    And, rubbing it down does help.

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    just rub that lump for the next few days it will go down

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