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    I got cellulitis

    Just wanted to post to everyone that no matter how carefull you think you are you can still get infected.I've been poking myself for quite awhile now and practice very safe technique and got it anyway. Never reuse needles and dont draw from the same needle you poke with, the pinsare too cheapto worry about. I have no Idea what went wrong but it did. My shoulder swelled to double its normal size, it was warm and red, infact I could not even lift my arm. My white blood count rose to 15. I received IV antibiotics in the ER and augmentin to take home. Always tell your doctor what happened, you will not get in trouble.

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    I no how you feel bro, the same thing happened to me, I was always extra careful when injecting, thats the risk you take when going with UGL gear I suppose

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