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Thread: blood test

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    blood test

    I did a cycle of test-e only at 400mg a week spilt in two for monday and thursday for 12 weeks. Along with this I took 10 mg nolva a day and starting week 15 I did 20 mg nolva and 100mg clomid for 15 days and then 50mg clomid for the next 15 days till I ran out. I ran the nolva longer till it ran out too which was about 2.5 extra weeks.
    This all took place April 2 2005 till August 17 2005.

    When can I go get a blood test to see if my natural test is back where it should be?

    I was thinking about going to check and see if I have issues with my sugar level since my mom was a diabetic and I have had some issues lately.

    Since I was thinking about going I was wondering if it was too soon for a complete blood test along with testo test.

    Another question is what exactly should I ask them to test?
    Just my testo level?

    Please advise.

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    I normally do it a month after PCT ends because I have no patience. Have a look at this thread, it will explain the blood testing required Blood Test Results...mods vets take a look

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