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    help to plan cure..

    i planned my cycle and I skipped the idea of how to keep my self safe ( this is more important than planning the cycle it self as i think ) of the side effects which may happen during or after the cycle. i think i should take that step before planning for the cycle , in other hand i also think when u know what are you goanna stack and cycle kinda helps you to know what kinda side effects you may expect and how to be ready to cure your self. so how to run pct and shold i run HCG also ?

    my cycle is gonna b:
    test-cyp500mg/week 12
    EQ400mg/week 11
    D-Bol40mgED/ first 4 weeks
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    I would extend your cyp and eq by 2 months. As for PCT, this should help a bit when figuring out when to begin PCT.

    Esters VS. Blood concentrations - How often should I inject?

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