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    tren/winny/test review please

    Okay.. I did a cycle about a year ago.. dbol (30mg/day) and test e 500mg for 12 weeks...

    Anyways im looking for a cutting cycle.. I did very nicely on my cycle last year but because of work and a million of other bs excuses.. i gained weight from eating junk, unhealthy, etc..

    So im looking now to do 250mg week test e for 14 weeks, 225mg week Tren ace (75mg mwf) for 7 weeks, 50mg winny tabs ed for 7 weeks. PCT will be nolva, Clomid, and hcg .. although can anyone recommend how much nolva, Clomid, and hcg i need? I'm not finding anything solid or consistent and I don't remember how much i used last year.. meh

    Is this a good cycle though? Will i cut nicely? think I'll even put some muscle on with the Tren? If you recommend something else to do, keep in mind that I really wanna keep the # of injections down to around 2 or 3x a week..

    Thanks all

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    Honestly..the longer you run Fina the better bro.7 wks isn't quite enough.

    Fina needs to be shot ED bro.Keep that in mind.

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    1-14 test 400mg week. prop would be the best choice
    1-10 tren -e 300mg week
    9--14 50mg day. if you run test prop
    11-16 50mg day if you run test-e or c

    week 9 hcg

    1-10 200mg b-6
    1-14 nalv 10mg day then up to 20mg day with pct

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    i would def up the test with tren ,tren for your second course mate,i donno its quite harsh.

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    bump again for more suggestions please..

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