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    Thumbs down Question about Steroids and High Blood Presssure

    Hello All-

    I was wondering..... My fiance' is 32yrs old., 6'0", and 173lbs. he is wanting to do steroids again ( he hasn't done them since h.s.), the question I he has high blood what steroids/cycle would be good for him ??



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    It depends on how high. Using AAS will def. increase your blood pressure. My normal pressure is around 110/65 and on my last cycle is was around 130-140/80-90 most of the time, which is a bit of jump from my norm. If he has high blood pressure, I would recommend not using any AAS until the bp is under control.

    edit: by AAS, I mean different types of testosterone .

    What is he thinking about running, and what is his normal BP?

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    He has had high blood pressure since h.s., with his h.b.p. medicine ...his b.p. usually runs 140/85

    Like I said he is just starting off...and he said he was going to start with a low dose of primotestin...and then bring it up every week .... and then later on the second cycle bring in deca and chlomid at the end of both.

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    In my opinion BP is the most dangerous side of Steroids however like anything it can be controlled. It sounds like your boyfriend should really do some research on this board before doing a cycle. His plan is not very well thought out in terms of the cycles and pyramiding dosages he is planning. If you are concerned with his help I would get him on here.

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