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    New guy needshelp with a cutting cycle

    Iím looking at doing my first cutting cycle but donít really know where to start.

    Iím 260 lbs at 6í2 and looking at clen to drop a few pounds, but what I would like to know is should I do the clen solo and then cut up after the weight lose or can I piggy back it all at once?

    If I can piggy back it what would be a good cycle for new user.

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    Clen is serious stuff, if you run it gradually increase the doses until you get to about 100mcg/day. Also you NEED to take Taurine while on it because it depletes taurine levels in your body. But, cardio and a strict diet are your best bet for losing the weight. The clen only helps you lose serious weight with a good workout and diet

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    Most don't do a cutter for their first cycle. At 6'2" 260 you could probably do just fine with cardio, diet, a good workout regimen and the clen if you want to try it. Please research the clen thoroughly before starting. It is indeed serious stuff as Son Of Khadafi pointed out.

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    Why don't you try hitting up a test/winny or test/masteron cycle. Then throw clen into your pct. Have fun, but make sure you do PLENTY of research before starting.

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