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    Growing Concern.........

    Hi Guys,

    As a former user (back in 2001) on and off for two years I made some great gains. However, unfortunately I am one of those unlucky souls that is prone to gyno. I was very immature in the approach to my cycles and didn't bother to make any allowances for anti Estrogen blockers, hence you could say I got what I deserved.

    Anyway, it’s now 3 years (natural years) post op and things are going well, but that yearn for a little extra help is always there in the back of my mind, especially when I see those around me growing at a rapid rate.

    My question is, can anyone recommend what I should take that has the lowest testosterone level in order to reduce the risk the reoccurrence of the gyno? I have been told Deca Nandralone is probably my safest option obviously combining Clomid or nolvadex , but I want to know who thinks what and what dosage I should take?
    Is there anyone else on here that suffers from the same problem as me?

    At the time the gyno occurred I was taking a stack of Winstrol Depot and Testosterone proprianate (Viramone), prior to that I did a course of Nandralone and didn’t seem to suffer.

    I would really appreciate your advice guys as I have no intention of making the same mistake twice!

    Thanks in advance.

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    how much of your gland did the docs take in ur surgery? did u have gyno in both tits

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    you got gyno cause you didnt use anti e's and used highly aromatising compounds...

    You can use what you want just use anti e's

    but if your still to worriee about it comming back stick with low androgenic gear that doesne aromatise..


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