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    Talking Cant Decide Deca or EQ???

    My cycle starts next Monday I still don’t know whether to run deca or eq in my cycle this will be my 4th cycle stats5’9 190lbs never tried eq ran deca in 2 cycles prior had great success with it. But if I can gain 20lb with deca and lose 10 of it cause its water I’d rather gain 10lb lean with Eq and keep all of it, but then again winters coming so its ok to be puffy and So help me out here guys what should I run with my cycle EQ or Deca
    Heres my Cycle:
    Weeks 1-6 d-bol 35mg/day
    Weeks 1-14 cyp 600mg/week
    Weeks 1-13 either 450mg/week of Deca or EQ
    Which one should I choose
    Thanks Luke

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    eq is much better than deca

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    i have never ran eq, but i definetely liked deca . make sure to run it with test, probably test c or test e. make sure to run some hcg at the end of your cycle and before u start pct if you include deca or eq.

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    Yes,those are my legs
    14 wks of EQ=2-3 lbs of mass.In my book that's not worth the price you pay for EQ.
    I'd much rather run Deca . And if your diet is spot on,you won't hold alot of water on Deca.I've actually cut on Deca with great results.
    Up to you tho.


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    the gym
    i just got 20grams of EQ... nuff said

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    Quote Originally Posted by hosam4ever
    eq is much better than deca
    don't want to aajack but did eq lubrificate the tendon and joint like deca mebay this can make you choose between the too...

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