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    What should I be asking the Doctor to test for.

    I was wondering what things I should ask the doctor to test for when using steroids . I never went to the doctor for blood work with any other cycle but as I am getting older (25) I think it may be a good idea.
    I am coming to the end of my cycle in about 4 weeks. I know I should have gone before cycle but I didnt.
    ALso I live in the states and I have blue cross, blue shield.

    How do I go about getting tested and having insurance cover it? I dont even have a family doctor so I have to get one first. Do I tell him what I did? Will telling him I did steroids put me at future risk for getting life insurance or anything like that. What should I do. If not for this cycle, future cycles I want to be on the right track. Can I get my test levels checked with insurance covering it. WHat happens if the results show I am on steroids, Is that confidential.

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    -liver values
    -test free/total

    if you use hgh then igf levels and if you use t3 then thyroid function.

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    I do not go to a doctor for bloodwork, rather order test offline, is where I go. Fast, cheap, and confidential. There are other sites and companies that offer test like these, I recommend using one of them, it is cheaper and easier than trying to explain to your doctor what you need. BTW do the comprehensive test for males and the total test/free test. comes to around 220$.

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