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    Comments on proposed 1st cycle?: Protopin & dynabolon

    I'm new to this game, and a friend of mine has suggested that I get on a cycle of Protopin and Dynabolon.

    Everything I've read makes me think this is not a good idea, but it appears to be the only stuff that is readily available...tried to find test e but had no luck...

    I've heard evidence of a number of guys around town doing this and getting good results, but I'm more concerned about the long term pain rather than the short term gains...

    My mate wants to do it with me, so we would be eating and drinking alot (to bulk up), working out 4 days a week, and injecting the juice...

    Can any of you more experience guys out there, lend me some pearls of wisdom?

    Thanks in advance

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    Isn't Protropin growth? i.e. very expensive, has to be run for along time and for the more experienced user.
    You could really do with getting hold of some Test.

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    are you asking for a source..if soo... you wont find one here


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