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    Battery acid test for dbol does it sound right

    Just got 100 tabs 10mg from new source.They Came in zippy plastic bag about the size of a baseball card. W\ a label on the bag that would fit on a bottle for 100tab....
    Any way the label has lot # on the left side and says "Made by:
    LA Pharma S.r.l.
    Right side has a bar code,the Center(would be front if on a bottle) says :

    Each Tablet contains 10mg of Meth...
    and has a small hologram on it

    The tabs are round, light blue, w\ line in middle. I put 2-3spoonful of battery acid in a bowl and put a tab in. It turned a little yellow ,finally dissolved. I thought it was supposed to turn rusty red and fizz up. Maybe I didnt use enough acid or it was to watered down? Anyway I want to know if its good before I take it. IS the hologram a real good sign or dont mean shit?
    The label looks pretty legit but why would it come in a zippy bag.
    Please give me some info guys. thanks U always come though

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    THE company make good stuff ive had 10mg winny but they came in a white plastic bottle
    as for the acid test its sulfuric acid you use

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUDGIE
    as for the acid test its sulfuric acid you use
    Battery acid is Sulfuric. (Typically 30% Sulfuric acid and 70% water at full charge).

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    your source prob altered package to ship to you, got a pic?? We'll tell you if there legit or not

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