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    Lean Bulk/ Strength cycle

    Whats up guys, Im about 6 weeks into my current bulker with test e, eq and dbol right now and I am already thinking about my next. This is what I have in mind. Check it out and give me some advice. (5th cycle)

    Wk 1-16 Prop 100mg ED
    Wk 5-15 Tren A 75mg ED
    Wk 10-16 Winni 50mg ED
    Wk 12-16 Halo 40mg ED

    Pct with Nolva, Clomid, trib, creatine and I want to throw in clen . Can anyone tell me what dosage to use and how long to run it for?

    Im hoping to keep about 20 pounds of solid mass.

    How does this cycle look for strength? Im looking to gain as much strength as possible without ridiculous amouts of mass. Thanks

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    That cycle looks good for strength but you got winny along with halo so you have two orals being taken at the same time with halo being very harsh on the liver is what I read. Something to think about. Keeping 20 lbs IS a lot of mass. Prop and tren together are top notch though if you can deal with the sides.

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    loving that cycle...i save my clen for PCT.. i follow hookers profile, watching my temp and taking benadryl, check it out in the steroid profiles forum....keeping those gains will depend HEAVILY on diet

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