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    Steroids and Keto diet

    I am planning my next cutting cycle, and was looking into many different diets, A diet that really worked really well for me was atkins, but since I joined the board I have noticed that there are alot of people that dont like it because It can destroy and wilt your muscles. My ? is if takeing a steroid , like primo,winny, tren , ect, will it preserve the muscle while on atkins or any outher type of keto diet?


    TO the mods, if I posted this in the wrong forum I am sorry.

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    You need to move this to the diet forum I think.
    But what the hell...NO!
    Keto diets suck! lol, you need cards dude, especially PWO carbs.
    carbs raise insulin and insulin opens cells to allow better flow of nutrients and ammino's(protiens) into the muscles.

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