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Thread: Deca and Test

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    Deca and Test

    What are the chances of becoming sterile while being on deca and test? Has it happened?

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    Run the test one week longer and at least 100mg higher and you should be fine. Some people run into problems near the end of a longer test/deca cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by TripleH
    What are the chances of becoming sterile while being on deca and test? Has it happened?
    I don't think you'll become sterile, but your recovery time could be longer. How old are you? If you're under 22 or so - you could screw up your hormonal system pretty badly to the point where you will minimize your body's natural test output. Not to contradict Chest 6 but as an option you can run the test 2 weeks longer than the deca . The deca will take longer than the test to clear your system, so at two weeks past your last test shot (assuming test e or c) you'll be ready for proper PCT.

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    Actually high test levels can suprisingly cause spermatogenesis to cease, resulting in temporary sterility. The condition naturally reverses itself after removal of supraphysiological levels of test. Oddly most early forms of male birth control were based on heightened test levels. Not to be trusted though, I have two sons, Cycle 4 and Cycle 6 is what I call them. LOL

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