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    Thumbs up for winny

    My dog has been doing winny the past 2 weeks. 100mg EOD injection. I cut it for him with 1/2ml of B12.

    Hes looking more solid and I got him doing more cardio now to hit 235lbs at 6%bf, yeah hes a big boy lol.

    Btw. Methyl 4 hydroxy nandrolone is one hell of a massive shock.

    Took 1 pill =3mg jsut once to see how it reacted and I've been sore as hell in my legs for past 2 days. I the latest workout didn't go so well feeling torn down and sore... More winny to come however.!

    I give winny a thumbs up.
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    Yes,those are my legs
    I'm glad your dog is enjoying the winny.My dog can't stand Winny...I brought it up in conversation the other day,and he wanted to run away from home....


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    Unoid got a lucky dog!

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