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    2nd cycle stars soon

    im gonna star my 2nd bulking cycle in a couple of weeks which will be
    test enanthate 500mg p/w weeks 1-8
    primobolan 200mg p/w weeks 1-8
    dbol 35mg ed
    my question is can i also add test prop into the cycle and run it along side enanthate.

    my first cycle was sust 250 weeks 1-8 250mg
    deca weeks 1-8 200mg
    i am 5ft 11 98kg
    bf about 10%

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    500 mg test a week for 10 weeks
    400 mg eq a week for 10 weeks
    35 mg dbol ed for the first 4 weeks.
    0.25 mg arimidex ed
    Clomid starts week 13

    That ought to do it for you!

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    Re: 2nd cycle stars soon

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by dajones
    [B]my question is can i also add test prop into the cycle and run it along side enanthate .

    ]if you can wk 10,start the prop @75-100 mg ed until the end of wk 13 and you can hit clomid 3 days out.

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    i was going to post what 4p said, run the enan for 10 weeks at 500mg /week and then run the prop until week 13 and start your clomid.
    you have a much better chance of keeping gains with this method.
    and like diesel said winny is also a good aas for coming off your cycle, you can keep gains and hit the clo right away with this one also.

    peace bb79
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    i would run the arim, at .5ed while on the dbol , JMO, other then that i would agree with art and desiel on the winny, this way you go right from the winny to the clomid,. good luck man, later

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