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    Question Finaject-Just looking for some suggestions???

    Just looking for some suggestions and opinions. I have made a few bottles of that finaject from the finaplex cartridges using the conversion kits you can find on the net. I wanted to hear if anyone else has tried making there own and what types of gains they got from it and how safe they thought it was. I am taking like 300mg of that a week plus 50mg winny tabs everyday with a 50mg shot of winny every other day. Any suggestions????

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    wow lot of winny--hard on liver
    do fina every day at 1 cc or 75mg per day or at least every other day
    fina is great for strength
    the cycle you are doing should put some hard quality size on you

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    75mg/d of winny isn't too harsh as long as you don't run it for a really long time. 50ed + 50 eod equals about 75/d so not bad at all, sounds damn good actually. Tapout is right on the fina 50-75mg day is what you should be using and it is fucking awesome to say the least. ESPECIALLY with some test prop.

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