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    running 30 mg ed dbol and....

    ok i have been taking dbol 30 mg in the morning.

    i heard its half life is about 4.5 hours. correct me on this if wrong.

    so even if i take 30 mg (10 mg pills) split wouldnt cover the whole day (looking at the 4.5 hr life)

    i know in most cases its better to break up doses evenly..but sometimes thats not so easy..cuz I need to eat with dbol

    so i should take this every 8 hours? or should I just do the 30 mg in the morning and call it a day. so far i feel great .. TEST/DECA /DBOL

    whats better for gains and why scientifically if possible. thank you in advance.

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    Some prefer to take their entire dose of dbol prior to their workouts. I prefer to spread the dose throughout the day in an attempt to keep blood levels as even as possible.

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    Continue to split the dose up.Try splitting the pills into halves.That would be ideal.Use a razor.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinnacle
    Continue to split the dose up.Try splitting the pills into halves.That would be ideal.Use a razor.

    this works well. I had 5mg pills so I didnt have to worry about that. Splitting evenly seems to work best.

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    I work out in the morning so I like to get a bit more of a kick going into the gym so my first dose is usually stronger than the others throughout the day. 50 mg= 20mg 7am,10mg at noon, 10mg 5pm and 10 mg at bedtime. Just a preference though.

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