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    Please read. Nandi (Karl Hoffman) passed away.

    This is the first time I've cried in months. The last time was roughly half a year ago, when I had to drive my best friend to the airport, to return to his military base in Texas, for re-deployment to Iraq.

    This time my tears are for a man I've never actually met in person, despite having corresponded with him over the last few years. For those of you who don't know him, Karl Hoffman (Nandi was his ScreenName) was the brightest mind in our little world of anabolics. He passed away from a heart attack, peacefully, this last thursday. The first time I corresponded with him was when I was got my first mod spot on Triedia, almost half a decade ago. Since then I've perhaps become a decent source of information on anabolics...but, still nothing compared to him. He was, easily the sharpest mind in the world of anabolics, both online and off. I can't even think of someone else who was even close.

    In our last correspondance (perhaps a month or two ago), he and I simply expressed a mutual admiration for each other, and exchanged pleasantries, him commenting on how time consuming it is keeping up with the latest steroid research and AAS paradigms. He had, at that time, offered me a spot on the staff of his board, which I declined because of my own personal time constraints and obligations. I have had the benefit, however, in the past, of being on the staff of two different boards with him.

    What I didn't tell in our last correspondance, but wish I had, is that he didn't have to keep up with the current state of Anabolic Paradigms...he led the way for the rest of us to keep up with. He shaped the way I view anabolics, and much of my knowledge, although still minimal compared to his, was sparked by reading his various articles and writings. In fact, I began writing for Mind and Muscle, not simply (or primarily) for compensation, but because ( quoting directly from the E-mail I sent to Justin, the owner of Mind and Muscle) "I wanted my name up there with LLewellyn's, Bill Roberts, and Karl Hoffman's."My greatest honor with regards to writing about anabolics so far, has been to have an article appear in the same issue of that magazine, with Karl's. It was the second time I wrote an article appearing on the same online magazine as one of his, but even so, I can not bring myself to refer to him as my colleague, as his work and ability was so far advanced compared to my efforts in the field.

    When I needed confirmation on a theory, I went to Karl. He was always the first and last stop in my research. Several theories, later proven valid, which I have put forth were first hypothesized by me, and when I couldn't find the appropriate research, validated by Karl finding it for me. Several of my own profiles and works were started by first reading Karl's thoughts on the topic. I simply don't have the education in the relevant subject area(s) that he did, nor the mental accumen. Anyone who has spoken to me for any length of time on anabolics and the internet would have heard Karl's name mentioned several times. I have lamented to several people that I have neither the education, nor intellegence of fact, I would never have progressed to where I am, although still mediocre compared to him, without reading his thoughts on a variety of subjects, and benefiting from personal correspondance with him.

    I would do a great disservice to him if I attempted to catalogue all of the paradigm shifts he engineered in the world of Anabolics and Bodybuilding & Athletics. I will, however say that we all have suffered a great loss by his passing, in both a gentleman and a great anabolic mind, and a great person. I can say unreservedly that he was the brightest star shining on the internet...even those words feel hollow as I type them. I can't express, with any degree of propriety or magnitude, the loss we have all recently suffered with his passing.

    I miss him already, even though our correspondences were often brief and limited to some new theory I needed help with, or some new product on the market...and although I feel a personal loss, I also feel a loss for his board, the staff on it, and the entire community. Again, I'm almost ashamed to type this, because of the inadequacy of (my) words to express the grief I feel from his passing.

    Nobody will ever be able to take his place, or give as much as he did, to as many in our community. Again, I apologize for the inadequacy of these words to truely express the loss we all have suffered with his passing.
    He will be missed by our entire community, the staff and members of his board, especially JGuns the co-owner, I'm sure, but most of all his wife, Elaine. My thoughts and condolences are with her, and everyone he knew.

    Nobody will ever be able to take his place, or give as much as he did, to as many in our community. Again, I apologize for the inadequacy of these words to truely express the loss we all have suffered with his passing.

    Goodbye Karl.


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    I am very sorry to hear about your/everybody's loss. My regards.

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    Rest In peace Karl. We are richer for having our time with you and poorer that that the time is over.
    Hooker, you seemed to know him well. I am sorry for your loss of a friend/Mentor. I knew of him only through his writings. May the Lord's peace be with you.


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    Well said hooker,great words,one friend in a lifetime is much;two are many;three are hardly possible.Friendship needs a certain parallelism of life, a community of thought,a rivalry of aim.RIP Karl.

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    R.I.P bump

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    It was very sad to hear the news about Nandi. I don't think he ever posted on AR, but his ideas have been very influential throughout the AAS world. Hs breadth of knowledge was incredible - you could mention almost any idea and Nandi could pull up a pertinent study that confirmed or refuted it and offer his thoughts on it. And not only that, but he was a good guy on the boards. I don't think I ever saw him engage in a flamefest or even insult another member. In fact he tended to elevate every thread he posted on.

    Rest in peace Nandi - you will be missed.
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    You can send condolences to his wife at his old e-mail address:

    Here is her letter to us all:

    Dear Friends

    I know Karl/Nandi did not mean to leave us in such a hurry. It was
    totally unplanned, yet I hope painless. Karl died of a heart attack in
    the early hours of Thursday morning. I was away visiting my mother.
    When I returned I found him cold and blue many hours dead. He had been
    listening to some peaceful music, having a glass of wine, and eating a
    sandwhich. It appears it was quick and painless.

    He is a great loss to me, and I am sure to many of you as well, as he
    considered you friends and loved to write for you and answer any
    questions you may of had. You gave him real meaning to his life, and I
    thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    If there is some article, or writing, that you may have been expecting
    from him, I can try to find it in his archives, but I cannot promise to
    be successful. I am not medically trained and my expertise lies
    elsewhere. I am sorry I will not be able to fill his place.

    Karl/Nandi is going to be cremated, placed in a cast bronze urn with
    birds on it, and I am going to keep him with me. There will be no funeral.

    We have only our cats and bird. Karl was especially attached to the
    bird. We lived alone in our own special place. It is very empty now.

    If there are others who need to know this information, please pass it
    on. I never read his emails or monitored the sites he visited. Perhaps
    some of you will know how to let his following know in a kind and loving
    manner, as that is how Karl was.

    I miss him very much.


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    R these guns registered?!
    R.I.P Karl.

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    Back from the dead.....
    R.I.P. Karl. Sounds like we definetely lost a great mind as well as a great person.

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    I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, Hooker.

    I didn't know Karl, but now I'm going to go back and read what he's written.

    "If I have seen further then others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."


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    god be with you Karl, you will be missed....


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    Hooker - What a beautiful tribute you wrote in honour of your dear friend. I am sorry for your loss.

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    A very touching read Hooker. So sorry for the loss of your friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with him, his family and everyone who knew him.

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    I weeped reading this. What a tribute, what a contribution he made to all of us ... what a loss.

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    R I P...sorry for every1's loss

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    RIP Mr Karl Hoffman...u were one of the pioneers

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    Wow I'm so sorry Hooker............I'm sure he's looking down knowing how much he meant to you and I'm sure you to him. Once again, I'm sorry..

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    My condolences to his family and friends.
    It's a shame that we seem to lose the bright ones before their time.
    The afterlife is now a richer place.

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    Nandi was the smartest guy on these boards, he was respectful to newbies and vets alike. His knowledge dwarfed anyone on these boards and he was ego free.

    Our community will miss him greatly, this is a sad day for all of us, whether you know him or not, many have been influenced by his writings and posts. Which has been passed on by many on these boards.


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    This is the second time I've read this and it's just as hard to get through it w/o choking up. I never knew him personally but Anthony spoke of him often. RIP and my condolencees to his wife and family.

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    I am new here but can see the impact that Nandi had on many people.

    May his wife be comforted in her loneliness, his friends here never forget his contributions and may he rest peacefully for all eternity.

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