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    when to start Liquidex

    ok fellas:

    I know that when starting a cycle that if you want Liquidex to be in effect on the 1st day your supposed to start taking the liquidex about 3-4 days b4 the start of your cycle

    What I want is this rule only applicable with orals that are fast acting like DBOL ?

    or does it go for any roid?

    I started taking my Liquidex dosage today (Sunday) is it ok that I do My 1st shot of test and eq tomorrow (monday) seeing as how test takes a few weeks to kick in?
    and then should I just wait to start the dbol on thurs.?

    or should I just start my 1st shot with the dbol on Thurs.?

    WEEK 1-10 600mgs of Test
    WEEK 1-10 400mgs of EQ
    WEEK 1-4 25mgs of DBOL
    I am planning to take two shots a week for 10 weeks each shot contain 300mgs of test and 200mgs of eq (total for each week: 600mgs of test and 400mgs of eq)

    let me know fellas!

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    It is ideal to start the dex a little early, but it's not a big deal if you don't. Just make sure you take it and .5 MG EOD is just fine.

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    so your saying I should be ok if I start monday with everything (Dbol /test/eq)? will the Liquidex cover and estrogen caused by the dbol?

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