My cycle:
wk 1-12 500mg test e3d (omna)
wk 1-20 1mg arimidex ed (generic)
wk 1-4 100mg A50 (turkish anapolan)
wk 7-11 50mg dbol ed (british dragon)
wk 12-18 30mg fina ed (homebrew)
wk 13-15 500mg test (omna)
wk 13-18 40mg winny ed (british dragon)
wk 16-18 50-75mg test ed (suspension)
wk 19-21 clomid therapy

This is day 11.
Started @ 210.6lbs 13% bf
Now @ 223.4 14%bf

So I gained about 2lbs of fat This is my first time using anadrol and I'm very impressed with the anapolons ability to put on the pounds but I hope I don't gain too much fat.

At wk 13 I'm gonna really drop the calories so I plan to lose at least all the fat I gained from the bulking phase. I hope to get up to 240-250lbs and then cut down to 235lbs @ 9-10% bf.

Let me know what you guys think,