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    Talking how would you run these winny/prop/eq

    Ok im running my 3rd cycle, my first two were crap, dident research. I ran Test E and Test Sus for 8 weeks on my first cycle, got big 173-198ibs, then ran a tren /winy cycle for 7 weeks winny for the last 4, went from 195-209ibs. since then i have been busting my ass trying to get cut. I am now at 194ibs 5 10". i am more cut though you can see my top four abs, befor you could barley see the top two. I have winny prop and eq, I want to get riped and as vascular as hell what is the best way to take these.

    One more thing if i threw some t3 in there would that help much.

    Inj. Winny 10ml 125mcgs/ml
    Test Prop 30ml 100mcgs/ml
    EQ 12ml 400mcgs/ml

    My diet is in check and i do cardio 5-6 times a week,

    Anything helps Thnx
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    I think you mean mgs/ml not mcgs/ml and even at that you don't have enough gear, You need to run the EQ at least 12 weeks to make it worth it and you have a max of 6 weeks worth of prop and barely enough to run eq for 12 at a low dose. And the winny you prolly got enough for 4-5 weeks. You could potentially forget the eq and run prop/winny for 6 weeks or get some more gear and run this:
    wks 1-15 test prop 500 mg/wk
    wks 1-12 eq 400 mg/wk
    wks 10-15 winny 50 mg eod
    3 day after prop pct

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    Ive never taken prop are winny does any one think that thats is to much prop for me to be taking 500mgs a week, i was thinking 300mgs of prop a week and then running the winny like 75 mgs of winny eod. that would strech the prop out to ten weeks

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