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    Smile Running clen longer than t3????ok??

    i am have een on clen for 3 weeks so far and fixing to start t3 next tues. I was wondering if I run clen longer than the t3, is that okay? i heard that you shouldn't run clen after being on a t3 cycle. is this true?
    also, what type of pct supplement is suggested? Thanks for any information

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    wondering this my self

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    Clen , ephedrine, and other such things are known to suppress thyroid function. This is the reason why it's recommended that you not take them after having come off t3. Personally, I don't know how serious it is, but I would just stop the clen for 2-4 weeks to let the thyroid recover, after all getting your thyroid levels back is very important. As for pct for the throid there is a great thread somewhere out there by Mallet, but you can try taking Coleus Forskohlii, bladderwrack, and AOR's T-100.

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