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    Question 1st Cycle Opinions

    I plan on starting my first cycle in a few weeks. Now I know most of you will not agree with my gear dosaged but the low dose is what i prefer. I've been reading up on different cycle techniques and I have to say that there can be quite a diverse opinion on the way to run the safest, optimal cycle. I'm kinda torn on the way my PCT should run. I've read that you should take 50mg of clomid eod every 4 weeks during cycle to keep up your natural production instead of allowing it to crash during the duration of the cycle which can result in possible testicular atrophy. Another question I have would be about the anti-e's. should I run it at 20mg's eod or 10mg ed thoughout (cut a 20 in half). Well after thats said and done here is what i've come up with.

    Wks 1-10
    -Test E @175mg twice a wk (every fourth day) Mon/Fri, Tues/Sat... = 350mg per wk.

    -10mg of nolvadex ed or 20mg eod

    Wks 11-12
    -nolvadex 10mg ed or 20mg eod

    Wks 13-15
    -clomid therapy
    -nolvadex 10mg ed or 20mg eod

    Clomid Therapy
    day 1 @300mg
    day 2-11 @100mg
    day 12-21 @50mg

    Now im not sure if this tappering method is nessesary for this particular cycle. I have heard that 100 ed for 2-3wks or 50mg ed for 2-3wks is sufficient.

    I was thinking mabe I should run 50mg of clomid ed during wks 5-6 in the middle of cycle to keep natural production up.

    Well im done writing. Now its time to hear some opinions.

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    Getting madcow treatments
    Looks good. Also looks like you did your homework.

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    ya bro looks like someone did some good research usually newbies come on and are like, I WANT TO RUN WINNY AND DBOL FOR 8 WEEKS AND DO I REALLY NEED PCT, good luck with the cycle and keep us posted

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    looks good mate......
    I would make it a 12 week cycle and include 30mg of d-bols for the first 4 weeks... but if you dont want to include orals than dont.... IMO
    nolvadex should me taken 10mg e/day if signs of gyno appear bump it to 40mg e/day till it subsides. Then make it 20mg e/day in PCT.

    Goodluck bro

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