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    oral cutting cycle

    Interested in taking an oral cutting cycle. I know it will probably be harsh on the liver. Mostly looking at either T3, wintrol, or clen . Can anyone please suggest any cycles.

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    Get some winnny depot and drink it. Look around the forum for shit on drinking winny. I think ala and milk thistle sould help with the liver. I would suggest adding 400 or 500 mg eq a week if you dont care about getting poked.

    But im pretty new so...

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    What are your stats and cycle expierience? As far as oral only I don't recommend it.

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    Why drink Winny Depot? (You pay a premium for Winny depot 'cuz injectables have a high manufacturing cost do to FDA purity/sterility standards.)

    Buy winny tabs; they are just as effective and a lot less expensive!

    Adding some Testosterone wouldn't be a bad idea, but I could see stacking Winny, Clen and T3 as a decent way to get ripped...
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