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Thread: EQ w/out test?

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    EQ w/out test?

    Trying to help someone plan their next cycle, and I personally wasnt too sure about the answer to this one.

    Proposed cycle is 14 weeks.
    EQ 1-14 @ 500mg/week
    Prop 1-8 @ 75mg EOD
    Winny 9-14 @ 50mg ED

    It is going to be his third cycle. Has run Test and Deca etc in the past for bulk. I think the amounts are good but I wasnt sure how bad it would be to run the EQ after the Test is taken out of the cycle...

    Thanks guys.


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    why would you finsh the EQ 3 weeks after the test and at the same time as the winny? when both the winny and test will clear within days, but the EQ is going to take a futher 3 weeks to clear, if you swapped the weeks for the prop and EQ around and frontloaded it then you'd have a soild cycle there

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